It’s been over a month since a Mom Life Mondays post, so figured it was about time for another dose of cuteness!  This past weekend we had a baby shower down in Delaware, so we decided to make it into a weekend trip.  We loaded the kids up with iPads, snacks, and other bribable toys, and prepared ourselves for the many hours of driving.  About 3 hours into the drive, and a few stops later, Matty decided he was done sitting in the car.  Fair enough.  We sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat about 16,785 times, and hoped for the best during the remaining 45 minutes.  He wasn’t thrilled.  We did arrive in Delaware, only an hour and 15 minutes late – so that’s a win, right?

The kids ran around like maniacs for the entirety of the baby shower.  Luckily, everyone didn’t seem to mind too much (or they just held back their comments, haha).  Andy only asked about 50 times where his presents were, while Matty tried to bite every balloon in the place.  Fairly successful trip, all things considering!

Then, we were back in the car, and off to a fun farm for the kids to play and see some animals.  Matty enjoyed chasing the rooster.  And the peacock.  And the bunny.  Pretty much everything.  Andy loved the animals, but when the peacock spread his feathers out, he got a little freaked out and was done with the peacock.  Here are some pictures of the kids on the farm:

We stayed at a Marriott in Mount Laurel for the night, which I’m pretty sure is always the kids favorite part of traveling.  Between jumping on the beds in the hotel room, to running up and down the hallways and riding the elevators (or alligators, as Andy calls them), they always seem to enjoy the hotel part more than the actual activity part!  I personally love staying in hotels, so I guess they get it from me.  Apart from the fact that nothing is baby proofed, and they kept slamming their fingers in the drawers and doors, they had a blast.  Here are some hotel pics (it’s just Matty since Andy was naked for most of the time!)

Sunday morning we headed to the Franklin Institute.  Andy enjoyed the space and plane exhibits the most.  He loved exploring and pressing every button!  We watched the science demonstration where they shrink a balloon with liquid nitrogen and create a large cloud using boiling water and liquid nitrogen.  I went to the Franklin Institute as a kid, so it was fun to bring him there and see how it’s changed.  It was so nice spending the weekend with them!


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