Laryssa + Dylan are engaged!  These two were so much fun.  They had such a cool vision for what they wanted for their engagement session.  They suggested some farmlands near Burlington, and I couldn’t have been more excited.  Growing up in south Jersey, I lived in a house surrounded by farms.  Now that I live in northern Jersey, farms are hard to come by!  I definitely miss the quiet farm life some days.

The day of their session, heavy rains were expected.  We monitored the weather and hoped for the best.  Luckily, with every hour the storm moved further away.  We ended up with a soft cloud cover and the perfect temperature to be outside exploring some really awesome farms!  Dylan wanted to incorporate his truck into the photos – and when I saw his truck I immediately understood why.  This truck is AWESOME.  It’s pretty much the largest and coolest truck that I’ve ever seen in real life!

We discovered an area on the farm (thanks to a friendly tip!) that had gorgeous colorful flowers and rows of sunflowers.  It was so romantic and sweet as they walked the aisles of flowers.  They also brought along their adorable dog, Remi, who was so well behaved!  She posed so perfectly for the photos!  Our last stop was another farm called Clover Valley Farm, that had a heard of cows.  Even the cows cooperated for us as they posed for a photo or two.  Shoutout to them for letting us take photos at their awesome farm!

How often do you get sunflowers, wildflowers, trucks, dogs, silos, farms, and cows all in the same photoshoot?  It was so great spending a few hours with the two of them, and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next July!

Check out some photos below!



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