Welcome to the world, Jordan!  I was so excited to meet this adorable little one!  I went to college with her mom, Amber, and we spent MANY sleepless nights in the library working on chemistry lab reports.  Okay, it wasn’t all work… there was a fair amount of playing pranks on our chemistry professors and drinking excessive amounts of hot chocolate.  Studying is way more fun when you have such a great group of friends to commiserate with you!

When I found out Amber was having a little girl, I was SO excited for her!  It was a ton of fun playing dress up with a girl, since my life does NOT contain enough pink, flowers, and headbands.  The life of a boy mom! 😀

Jordan is such a sweet baby.  I don’t think she cried once!  She was so happy to be awake and curiously looking around.  When she drifted off, she looked like a little angel!  I was so happy to be able to capture this special time for one of my amazing friends <3


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