Congratulations to Jenna + Rob on their engagement!

It was so great seeing Jenna again – we were friends in high school, and I was really looking forward to seeing her again after so many years!  Jenna chose Parvin State Park in Southern NJ as the location for their engagement session, and it was such a great choice for so many reasons.  Firstly, it had so much meaning to her, having spent so much time camping there over the years.  She frequently went there with her family, and had a ton of fun memories.  Plus, she knew all the great spots!  Secondly, it was an amazing location for photos!  There was a pretty beach, with colorful fall foliage in the background.  There were beautiful hiking trails, bridges, and a dock overlooking the water.  It really couldn’t have been more perfect, and we had so much fun walking around!

I really enjoyed getting to know her fiance, Rob, as well!  Turns out we had a few things in common – he works at J&J (my former employer!) and focuses a lot on contract management, which is something I do on a daily basis as well at my pharma day job.  He was so sweet, and it really seems like they are such a great fit for each other!

I loved spending the morning with the two of them, and here are some photos from their engagement session!



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