Huge thank you to Keri Calabrese for taking these amazing maternity photos for our family!  I’ve mentioned Keri a bunch of times on my blog, and it’s because she’s basically amazing.  Not only has Keri helped me immensely when it comes to photography, she has become a great friend!  We have photographed a bunch of fun weddings together, she photographed my sister’s wedding, and this is now the second photo swap we have done for each other.  I love seeing her adorable family – her kiddos are right around the same ages as mine, and they had so much fun running around the park together!  So go check her out here!

We are only about a week away from meeting the littlest Miller boy!  We are so excited, and wanted to document this special time with just the four of us.  It was the perfect time because the cherry blossoms are in fully bloom now, and everyone knows Branch Brook Park is one of my favorite photo locations!  The boys are excited to meet their little brother, and Andy’s favorite photo pose was kissing my belly.  As you’ll see below, Matty’s favorite pose clearly is sticking out his tongue.

I’m so grateful that Keri took these beautiful photos of our family, and stay tuned for the blog post once the newest member of our family makes his appearance!


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