Hi everyone!  Hope everyone has been enjoying the long President’s Day weekend.  As I was thinking of topics for upcoming blog posts, I kept coming back to the one thing that consumes 95% of my life… being a mom!  I decided to start a series called, “Mom Life Mondays.”  I will post various mom-related topics (on Mondays of course).

We spent our President’s Day weekend local. Partly by choice, and partly because it snowed 6 inches and we weren’t brave enough to venture out further than our backyard.  We’ve had a number of snow storms this winter, but this one was perfect for playing outside.  Fluffy snow. Warm sun.  Perfect combination.

Andy is no stranger to snow. If given the option, he would stay outside all day.  Matty, on the other hand, has only seen snow a few times.  Mostly, it’s because he wears all of Andy’s hand-me-downs, and we are lacking in snowy weather clothes in his size.  Today, however, we decided to squeeze him into a way too small snowsuit and see how it went.

Not well.

This pretty much sums up their respective feelings for snow.  In Matty’s defense, he needed a nap.  And probably some gloves. (Don’t worry, we put some on him).  He also has an ear infection.  The cards were stacked against him.

Safe to say Andy had a blast outside.  He proudly carried around his snowboard, and attempted to stand on it.  One of these days we will take him to Mountain Creek and put his skills to the test!  Here are some fun photos from our relaxing weekend at home!



  1. Sue says:

    Nikki, your blog is awesome. The photos are fabulous! Love my grandsons to the moon and back.

  2. Danni says:

    Matty’s hair!!!! 😍

  3. Bill says:

    Future Olympic snowboarder? 🙂 BTW the font you chose for the blog and website looks cool…


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