As my kids have gotten older, it’s so fun to see them experience new milestones.  Of course the big ones – walking, talking, potty training, are all exciting.  But even the little ones are special!  Take this weekend, for example.  Andy had his first slumber party!

One of my best friends in the world happens to have a son, named Joe, the exact same age as Andy.  Words can’t express how lucky I am to be able to go through this journey with her!  We are sounding boards for each other, and we can commiserate through the tantrums and chaos of life.  But another perk (of MANY) is that Andy has an awesome playmate and best friend!

This weekend, Joe came to stay with us.  Andy was THRILLED.  The two of them ran around and played for hours.  We let the kids stay up late.  They jumped on the air mattress, hopped up on sugar, while Mickey Mouse played in the background.  They chased Roxy around the house, and played the most hilariously bad game of hide and seek that I’ve ever seen.  They ate pancakes and donuts for breakfast.  Basically, toddler heaven.   Even Matty tried to join in on the fun, although in typical Matty fashion he fell asleep before 7PM.

When it was time for Joe to leave, there were many tears.  But it’s so nice to know that Andy will grow up with such a great friend, and watching the two of them learn and grow together is so much fun.  We are looking forward to their next slumber party, and here are some pictures from the weekend!


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