Happy Monday!

It was about time that we had a day with nice weather.  One day.  And now it’s back to raining.

We spent the weekend in Hershey, which was a ton of fun!  Andy LOVED it.  He is a crazy dare devil, and 100% my child.

Let’s talk Matty for a second.  Look, I love my Matty boy.  He is absolutely amazing.  He is generally happy, fun, curious, and all around a ray of sunshine.  But let’s be real.  Matty has two moods: laughing, or demon child.  When he is uncomfortable (too hot, too cold, hungry, tired, etc.) he doesn’t just get fussy – he gets PISSED!  Seriously, this kiddo growls.  It’s pretty impressive!  On social media, we tend to all show the happy moments – kids smiling, laughing, being cute.  But we all know that isn’t reality – and that certainly wasn’t the reality for Matty on Saturday.

Saturday was HOT.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, but at times it was almost *too* hot.  Turns out Matty is not a fan of the heat.  He also didn’t sleep well the night before, so he was thrown off.

That’s pretty much how he spent most of Saturday, give or take a few moments.  He immediately cheered up once we got back to the air conditioned hotel room Saturday night, and Sunday was a much better day for him – it was nearly 40 degrees cooler!

Andy, on the other hand, could’ve stayed at the park forever.  He happily ran from ride to ride.  Or, in some cases, stayed on the same ride 4 times in a row.  He battled the cold rain on Sunday to ride Trailblazer over and over.  He can’t stop talking about how much fun he had on the rides, and I’m so glad he’s tall enough to ride on many of them!

Here are some photos of our fun weekend!

  1. Julie F. says:

    This is great. This is life. This is wonderful you!
    Love you Nikki!


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