Okay, just had to that out of the way.¬† But seriously, I am so excited for Danni + John!¬† The two of them are so great together, and I can’t wait to be the annoying and crazy sister-in-law to John.¬† Sorry in advance, John!

When I think about the two of them, there are a few things that immediately jump to mind.¬† The first is Disney.¬† The two of them share an obsession with all things Disney, and I can’t say that I disagree.¬† Disney is the best.¬† The end.¬† But seriously, the first trip the two of them took together was to the Happiest Place on Earth!¬† At the time, they actually weren’t even a couple.¬† It was a group trip with a bunch of friends, back in 2016.¬† It wasn’t until early 2017 when they figured out that they would make a ridiculously cute couple, and they started dating.

Another thing that comes to mind is Harry Potter.¬† I know what you’re thinking – what house are they in?!¬† These are the important questions that need to be answered.¬† Danni says she’s a Slytherin, but as her twin I’m going to vote that she’s more Ravenclaw.¬† Yes, I’ll admit that she is ambitious and clever, which are some typical Slytherin-y traits.¬† However, I see the ambition as more of knowledge-seeking and analytical.¬† Hence, Ravenclaw.¬† (I’m going to hear about this later.)¬† John, to me, is Hufflepuff all the way.¬† Sweet, loyal, & kind.¬† Is it just me, or does Hufflepuff seem to get all the positive traits?¬† Hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, fairness… it makes all the other houses look bad!¬† Anyway, I digress.

So we have the love story between the Hufflepuff and the Ravencla – uhh…. I mean Slytherin.¬† Where better to get engaged then HARRY POTTER WORLD, in OLLIVADER’S WAND SHOP?¬† Nowhere.¬† There is literally nowhere better.¬† And that’s exactly what happened.¬† John proposed, Danni said yes, and they got to spend the rest of their trip in Harry Potter World AND Disney.¬† Good job, John.

So what is their relationship like?¬† Well, in essence it’s based on¬†giving¬†and¬†receiving¬†as well as¬†having¬†and¬†sharing. And the love that they give and have is¬†shared¬†and received.¬†¬†When I think of the love that these two givers and receivers share, I cannot help but envy the lifetime ahead of having and loving and giving… and then I can’t think of a good word for right here, but I’m going to go with receiving.

(No, I swear I’m not crazy.¬† It’s all a “Friends” reference.)

So, in closing, welcome to the family, John!¬† We’re so excited to have you.¬† And I was honored to take these engagement photos for Danni + John.¬† I couldn’t think of a more romantic and beautiful place than Branch Brook Park, home to over 5000 cherry blossom trees.¬† The two of them love the Disney magic and the magic of Harry Potter, so I wanted to make their photos as magical as possible.¬† Below are just a sample of the TONS of photos we took walking around the park.¬† Can’t wait for their wedding in November! <3



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