I was so excited to take these pictures of Peyton and Skylar last Sunday at Branch Brook Park!

Let me share some backstory on this awesome family!  John and I moved to West Milford almost 4 years ago.  I was very unfamiliar with the area – I grew up in South Jersey, and West Milford is about as far north as you can get in Jersey.  It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.  That’s what we liked about it, though!  It has its perks and downsides, like any town.  We have the occasional bear (guess you could put that in either category!), and the closest Target is about 18 minutes away (not that I’ve timed it or anything).  However, one of the upsides, by far, has been our neighbors.

Actually, when we first were moving in, our neighbors saw me and Danni hauling boxes inside.  They came by to ask if our parents were home!  Turns out my parents did happen to be inside, but we all got a good laugh once we told them that the house was for me and John, and not my parents.

These two gorgeous girls live only a few houses down from us.  The Greenberg family is one of the absolute sweetest families.  First of all, if you have been to one of my kids’ birthday parties, you will 100% remember the cake.  Why?  Because they are AMAZING and they all have been made by Wazel Greenberg!  She has made the smash cakes for the boys’ 1st birthdays, along with the cakes for each one of their parties.  Wazel is ridiculously talented, and I have family members asking me now, whenever I have a party, if I’ll have one of her cakes there.  Yes.

Peyton and Skylar are not only stunning, but they are also such sweet kids.  When we are out talking a walk with the boys, they always run over and say hello.  They are polite, friendly, and funny!  We also share a love for gymnastics 🙂  When Wazel told me she wanted some photos taken of the two of them, I was so excited!  I knew they would be a ton of fun, and I was right!  They came in the most adorable and coordinated outfits, and Kerry Patel of KP Designs Floral (@kp_designsfloral) made gorgeous floral crowns for them to wear.  The two of them looked like princesses!  There were literally strangers stopping to say how beautiful they looked and taking pictures of them.

Here are some photos from their session! <3


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