Spring is finally here!

I was so excited to spend the whole weekend outside with the kiddos.  Saturday we decided to head over to Montclair, and we brought the kids to Brookdale park.  They have a huge playground, and beautiful paths to walk around.

Matty loved trying out every swing in the park!  He went down the kiddy slide, and his smile never left his face.  He’d look at me and point to the slide so that I’d put him at the top.  When I got tired of lifting him to the top of the slide, he started trying to climb up the slide to get to the top himself.  He’s a pretty determined kid!

Andy had a ton of fun on the playground.  There were a few different playgrounds.  A baby one, a toddler one, and a “big kid” one.  Well, there was no hesitation when he surveyed the place and then ran over to the tallest slide in the park.  He’s my little daredevil.

After we were tired of chasing the kids around the playground (let’s be honest, the kids would never get tired of running around), we went for a walk around the park and Andy asked to pet every dog he saw.  Luckily, all the dogs & owners were friendly, and he would excitedly pet them.

Afterwards, we went out for some much needed pizza at Prime Time Pizza in Bloomfield.  Everyone there was so incredibly nice.  They played with the kids, joked with them, cut their pizza into smaller slices, & refilled their cups of milk.  We’ll definitely be back there soon.

I was luckily that the kids let me snap some photos of them this weekend – it gets increasingly harder as they get older!  I love seeing them play together <3


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