Huge congratulations to Kristen + Tyler on their engagement!

I met Kristen in college – we both went to The College of New Jersey, and we both were on the cheerleading squad!  We bonded over hours of cheerleading practice, and the fact that we both happen to have twin sisters… let’s be honest the twin relationship is a pretty unique one, and something you really only “get” when you have one.  Plus, one of these days I am going to talk the two of them into going to the twin festival with us!  (I’ll save that for another blog post!)

When her twin sister, Jen, reached out to me and wanted to gift an engagement session to Kristen & Tyler, I was so excited!  We picked a morning session and even though the weather said rain, we hoped for the best.

Well, it definitely did rain.  But that didn’t matter at all, because these two were so. much. fun.  We met in Morristown and it was great meeting Tyler for the first time!  He also went to TCNJ, and we were able to incorporate some TCNJ pride into their session towards the end, which was awesome!  It was so cute hearing the story of how they met (which was all the way at the start of college), and the fact that it was years later before they went on their first date!  Which Jen joined (died laughing when this came up).  And that right there is something that I can TOTALLY relate to, because if my twinnie doesn’t approve, it’s not gonna happen.

To be fair, Jen only joined the first date.  Tyler probably looked like a huge stud on a date with two gorgeous twins, so I’m sure he wasn’t complaining.  And after getting to know Tyler, he is such a great sport, and I can see why Jen gave her stamp of approval.  Even though it was pouring for part of their session, he was joking around as we walked through the aisles of Rite Aid in search of umbrellas.  And when he discovered it wouldn’t open.  And when he then had to return his broken umbrella to the super pleasant cashier.

The two of them are basically a power couple!  It was so nice chatting over Starbucks while waiting for the rain to clear.  Between Kristen traveling around the country for work, and Tyler working and coaching nearly every minute of the day, and somehow finding the time to run together (seriously, how cute is that), they sound like such a great fit.  Speaking of them running together, when I heard the story of how Tyler proposed to Kristen while they were out for a run, it was so thoughtful and sweet.  He planned it down to the perfect location – even telling neighbors the timing so that they could come take pictures right afterwards.  We got to take some photos at the beautiful location towards the end of the session!

Here are some photos from this amazing couple’s engagement session!



  1. Kristen says:

    What a fantastic day, wonderful pictures and a well told story. LOVE LOVE LOVE


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