I had the pleasure of spending some time this past weekend with the Racaniello family!

Last year, Marisa reached out to me to schedule newborn photos for her son, Joseph.  We did his photo session in early August, and he was an absolute angel!  He was sweet, sleepy, and such a cutie.  Apart from him peeing a bit on Danni (some may have gone in her mouth and I laughed the hardest I ever have in my life, but I digress), the whole session was perfect.

Well, here we are almost a full year later!  Joseph is still the same sweet, laid back little dude!  When Marisa reached out to get some updated family photos and a cake smash session for Joseph, I couldn’t wait to see that adorable little face again.  We decided to have the session at Verona Park, which was such a great choice.  It’s actually near and dear to both of our hearts because we both had our wedding photos taken there!  I hadn’t been back since then, and it brought back such great memories.

The weather was absolutely perfect.  We were worried about rain, but instead we got a not too hot morning, with a nice breeze and some soft clouds that gave us perfect, even light. Joseph was such a happy and adventurous guy.  He enjoyed playing with bubbles, getting tossed in the air by dad, and reading a book while he snuggled up with mom and dad.  Most of all, he enjoyed digging into an awesome cupcake (which smelled AMAZING), while we all sat back jealous and wishing we were the ones eating it!

It’s so fun watching him grow up, and hope to take many more photos of this awesome family in the future!


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