Happy 1st Birthday to Logan!

I was so excited to take these photos of Logan to celebrate his birthday.  His mom, Kristen, is one of my oldest childhood friends.  We were inseperable throughout elementary and middle school!  It had been awhile since we had the chance to catch up, so I was so happy when she reached out for some photos.

We decided to do a whole beach day with the boys since she lives by the shore.  You’d think we were moving by the amount of things we had packed in the car for a day trip to the beach!  When you travel with two little kids, everything is a production!  When we arrived, Andy immediately started playing with every toy in the house, and in typical Matty fashion he went straight for their adorable dog, Finn.

It was so great meeting Logan!  He was such a sweet little guy, and it was so cute to see all the little ones running around and playing together.  He was a bit iffy on the cake at first, so we tempted him with some other treats.  When he decided he was all done, we let Finn go to town!

We had a lot of fun on the beach – Andy spent 90% of the time in the water (the other 10% eating ice cream), and Logan and Matty enjoyed splashing in the water and throwing sand (Okay, that last part was just Matty).  It was so great seeing Kristen again!  Here are some photos of her cutie, Logan!


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