Welcome to the world, little Bryce!

We had so much fun spending the morning with Jess, Kevin, + Bryce.  Jess and I are sorority sisters, and it was so great seeing her after so many years and getting to meet her ADORABLE son!  Bryce was the most laid back, sweet, little guy.  He was so content and happy.  There were times where he literally posed himself, like a little baby model!

You can tell Jess + Kevin already have this whole parenting thing down!  For first time parents, they were so laid back.  I guess that’s where Bryce gets it from!

I loved seeing how sweet their dog was with Bryce, too.  When it came time for some photos with the two of them, I nearly cried when he gave Bryce a little kiss.  Is there anything cuter than kids and puppies?!?  No.  The answer is no.

Here are some photos from their newborn session!



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