Meet my adorable nephew Oliver!

Ollie was born on July 7th.  I couldn’t have been more THRILLED because that happened to be my 30th birthday!!!!  Talk about the coolest birthday gift EVER!  My family has a crazy history with the number 7.  My twin sister and I were born on 7/7 at 7am, we were 7 minutes apart and weighed in at 7lbs total.  We also joke that we were born 7 weeks and 7 days early (technically 8 weeks, but doesn’t it just sound way better that way?) Needless to say we had a pretty big party on our 7th birthday.  When we found out Oliver was born on 7/7 we thought that was SO cool.  Then we found out he was 7lbs 7oz.  The craziness continues!

He is such a cutie, and I’m so excited to have a new nephew.  Andy can’t wait to meet his new cousin, and I’m so excited for the boys to all get together and play as they get older.

Dave + Marielle are going to be such great parents!  Dave has already registered a domain name for Oliver, and has started blogging all about this new, crazy phase of life.  Check it out at 🙂

I had so much fun spending some time with this little peanut.  Here are some photos from his newborn session!


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