Happy Birthday, Matty!

My little guy turns 2 today, and I can hardly believe it.   He’s such a sweet boy, and loves to cuddle!  On the other hand, he is so determined and independent.  He likes things done his way, or no way at all haha.

I remember being so nervous when he was born, because I wasn’t sure how Andy would handle having a little brother.  Now, they are the best of friends and I couldn’t imagine them not having each other to play with every day.  Even still, I’m nervous for how Matty will react next month when he becomes a big brother for the first time!  I’m sure the three of them will get into all sorts of mischief.

We celebrated Matty’s birthday last weekend, and he had such a fun time.  It was Mickey Mouse themed because Matty absolutely LOVES Mickey.  He requests specifically Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and God forbid we turn on Mickey and the Roadster Racers instead…. “CLUBHOUSE! NO! CLUBHOUSE!”  haha… like I said, he has strong opinions!

His Mickey Mouse cake was made by the amazing Wazel Greenberg (see every other birthday party post for her other awesome creations!), and we had chocolate dipped oreos and rice krispy treats made by Georgette from Jou Jou Pops!

Wazel also surprised us with some extra chocolate dipped treats that spelled out Matthew – and they were amazing!


I’ll admit that Matty wasn’t entirely thrilled to be taking photos, but I did get him dressed up to snap a few photos in celebration of him turning two.  Then we had an amazing time celebrating with our family and close friends.  Here are some photos from his reluctant photo shoot, and some from the party – which he enjoyed much more! 🙂



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