Congrats to Bridgette and RJ on their wedding!

I had the privilege of second shooting this wedding with Nadine Holewski (check out her work here!) and we had so much fun!  First off, this couple was so incredibly sweet.  I spent the morning with RJ and his guy friends, and they were so welcoming and kind.  Secondly, this couple has some serious STYLE!  RJ was wearing a purple (yes, PURPLE) suit, and he totally pulled it off.  Bridgette wore a stunning gown that had… wait for it… POCKETS.  The two of them were just so cute together!

Their wedding took place in NYC, which led to such fun photos of them walking around the city streets.  They had their first look on a rooftop terrace, and it was such a sweet moment away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.  Then we headed out on the streets and had a ton of fun!

They had a really laid back reception, and it totally fit their personalities.  Very cool, relaxed, and just an overall chill vibe.  It was a great night, and definitely one I won’t forget because when I got home that evening I found out that we were expecting our third boy!  It was an awesome way to end the day!

Check out some photos from their big day!


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