Hi everyone!

I had a number of requests asking how I remove objects from the background of photos, so I wanted to share my process with everyone.

I edit all of my photos in Lightroom, but for object/background/people removal, I import the photo into Photoshop.  There are some small fixes that can be done in Lightroom, but not to the same extent as in Photoshop.

Once the photo is open in Photoshop, I use a combination of the clone stamp tool and the healing brush tool to cover the unwanted objects.  Here is a link to the full tutorial video!

In the video I’ll show you how to turn these:

into these!

If you loved the video, appreciate if you would subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel!  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions: info@nikkimillerphoto.com is the best way to reach me.  I offer editing services, as well, so always happy to make your photos frame-worthy – and a super quick turn around time of under 48 hours!

Happy Editing!




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